Pick Your Poison Farms

We all know that our products and food are full of chemicals. We are honored to carry Leslie's Pick Your Poison Farms products. Leslie is a doctor of natural medicine, Reiki master, Certified master herbalist, Certified cannabis practitioner, Master gardener. 

Leslie grows and dry's all her own herbs for tea. Blends of Lavender and Chamomile, Turmeric and Holy basil, Rosemary and mint, Spearmint and elderberry, Burdock and peppercorns, Lavender and Hibiscus. These are just a few of the wonderful herbs mixed in these teas. 

These teas have so many beneficial properties such as: Brain support, immunity, anti-inflammatory, stress and anxiety help, detoxification, circulation, and sleep support. 

To top it all off she makes her own bath salts, bath bombs and body scrubs. filled with essential oils and Epson salts, Pink Himalayan Sea salt.